Overview Of Our Repair & Reconditioning Service

Customers that are only interest in our reconditioning program can choose to have all there batteries tested and certified to the highest rating and output possible. Battery are inspected, cleaned, tested and verified.  Our final step is a load test to determine the integrity of the recondition batteries. Keep in mind not all battery can be recondition due to shorted plates and extreme neglect. Our technicians are reporting around a (7 out of 10) success rate. 

Save Your Investment...  A typical forklift battery is worth up to 30% of a new forklift's value and offers you approximately 6,000 working hours. It is your fuel for the next five years or more... Providing proper maintenance is maintained through out of the life the battery. Our 7 step Reconditioning Service is the right choice for protecting your companies' investment and saving thousands of dollars!!!


Our 7 Step Reconditioning Service 

1) Inspection   All batteries are inspected for defects, leaky seals and signs of deterioration ( Our technicians are trained to spot any problem that may cause future issues with your batteries )­­­­­­.

2) Cleaning   All corrosion, acid residue,  build up, and batteries terminals are properly cleaned to prevent any discharge from customer’s batteries. ( Our Reconditioning Service include Battery Acid Neutralizer and Battery Cleaner ).

3) Operating Voltage    Our highly trained technician will perform voltage checks per factory rated voltage specification for each cell. ( All results are recorded for future reference per battery ).

4) Hydrometer Readings   Every cell is check for proper gravity readings per factory specification. Batteries fluids level are checked to ensure proper levels.  All results are recorded for future reference per battery ).

5) Our Highly Recommended Specialized Battery Chemical   Our technician will add our highly recommended green technology battery chemical additive to each battery cell. This will help in removing sulfation build up in batteries. It also keeps the battery plates and separators clean and in good working condition and does not contain EDTA. ( Formulated to prevent sulfate build-up on battery plates ).

6) Slow Charging   Batteries are placed on a charger per factory recommendation.

7) Load Test   All charged battery are tested to ensure proper levels are maintenance while loaded. ( All results are recorded for future reference per battery ).  

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